Who We Are

Our Mission: Create solutions that add value for our customers while improving environmental sustainability through responsible harvesting, porcine stewardship and reduction in the waste stream.

pigs are used for many medical products

Sustainable Swine Resources is the largest supplier of sow value added co-products to both the domestic and international markets.

We provide co-products to a number of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Medical
  • Companion Animal
  • Human Health
  • Animal Health
  • Industrial and Consumer

Sustainable Swine Resources global headquarters and manufacturing operations are all located in the United States.

The Five Pillars of Sustainable Swine Resources Business Management Strategy:

Animal Welfare

  • Sustainable Swine Resources is committed to the wellbeing of the animals we are entrusted with. We have a moral and ethical obligation to the humane handling of these animals and will not tolerate or defend any actions that don't support this philosophy. Our continuing commitment to Animal Welfare is validated through actions we take in allocating resources towards maintenance of equipment and facilities as well as the education provided to our members in order to ensure an excellent Animal Welfare program is in place. We are committed to and support the Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus) and Transporation Quality Assurance (TQA) programs defined by the pork industry. This is validated by our sourcing methodology and expectations which include only producers that are certified in and adhere to the principles of these programs.

- The members of Sustainable Swine Resources will uphold the highest level of integrity in all areas of Animal Welfare and will actively pursue new technology that will further enhance our handling practices.

Customer Service

  • As a company, our goal is to ensure the highest impact on our customers' success.

- We accomplish this by being the best at driving our customers' sales and profits through noticeably better products and services.


  • We want to be the global leader in supplying superior, safe products that consistently exceed customer and consumer expectations. We are committed to mitigating risk and promoting quality from farm to end use for our stakeholders through continuous improvement of our food safety and quality systems.

- Improvement is driven by challenging our processes and development of resources in partnership with our customers.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Sustainable Swine Resources drives environmental stewardship by creating the best products, produced by the best people, while eliminating or reducing waste in our business. We accomplish this through the use of sustainable principles that impact people, planet and profit. Our organization includes the principles of sustainability in the development of new products, increased operational efficiency and overall growth of the company. We seek to enrich people's lives by providing premium products and being a steward of the environment and the communities in which we live.
  • - We ensure full utility of the animal by providing a ready source of essential and value added co-products that people and animals depend on extensively within multiple industries.


  • Within the organization, a culture has been created in which exploration, experimentation and discovery are not stifled by fear of failure. Each member of the organization is expected to have a passionate preoccupation with a business opportunity and the courage to pursue a solution, thus driving success for the customer and the company.

- We seek out critical feedback from our stakeholders who have a diversity of knowledge and perspectives in order to enhance innovation and continue improvement.